Restore Nature Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to restore humanity’s true nature and pursue the flourishing of Nature.

Our Mission

Founded by Chavalit Frederick Tsao, Restore Nature Foundation is organized to champion causes that bring awareness of our integrated nature with Nature and infuse energy into projects that heal our planet.

Humanity is earnestly seeking a path to return to its true nature; one that is integrated within itself and with its environment. We create the initiatives that heals our planet and shift the consciousness of humanity towards our true integrated self.

Human Nature

Consciousness is the Mother of All Capital, and the shifting of consciousness will lead to unlocking the resources and desire towards humanity’s true integrated nature. We create opportunities, projects and programmes that steward the shifting of consciousness, to meet full human potential for the betterment of more flourishing humanity, one that is integrated with Nature and Life.


Nature is a delicate balance of the moving and the growing. The secret behind restoring forests and oceans is not simply adding more living things, but preserving the unique biodiversity that perpetuates the ecosystem. Our projects highlight the integrated nature of the different ecosystems around the world while inviting stakeholders to take part in its restoration and preservation.

Our Work

We support, fund and resource projects, campaigns and programmes that serve as both an epicenter and oasis of opportunity for stakeholders to be transformed while restoring the physical nature around themselves.

Our Values

Consciousness is the Mother of All Capital

We believe that human consciousness holds the resources and solutions to our shared challenges. Once shifted, humanity will integrate with Nature with their own true Nature.

True Human Nature

Our true human nature is to be integrated in harmony with our physical and external nature. We seek it intuitively and when we embrace it, we experience joy.

Integration as the Way

When all is well, I am well, when I am well, all is well. When we become aware of our shared nature, how we experience joy is transformed, and we will seek integrated as a path towards true happiness.

I to We, I am We

Each of us are part of Life, and Life is all around us and within us. As we shift our consciousness, we will shift towards a state that we are all connected and our actions will reflect such.

About our Founder

Chavalit Frederick Tsao is the founder of Restore Nature Foundation and the fourth generation steward of Tsao Pao Chee (TPC); a well-being business ecosystem. He has personally developed and conducted programmes to shift the consciousness of those within his reach.

Let’s be Journeymates

We believe that it all begins with personal transformation and the only way to shift consciousness is through lived and shared experiences.